Deliver for Good


Course Description

This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will introduce you to the Deliver for Good campaign and the importance of leveraging advocacy to put girls and women at the center of sustainable development.

Course Contents

There are four modules in this course. In each module, you will:

  • Watch some short video presentations.
  • Complete guided activities based on the presentations.
  • Participate in discussions with other course participants and have the opportunity to learn about other people with a shared commitment to development.
  • Complete lessons that will give you a comprehensive understanding of the 12 Deliver for Good campaign investment areas and the central role girls and women play in development.
  • Read articles prepared specifically for this course.
  • Explore the websites of organizations working across the development sector with a variety of focus/concentration areas.
  • Complete a short quiz to test your knowledge.

Basic Information

Length of the course
Four modules with an average time of three hours per week allocated over twelve weeks

Flexible - proceed at your own pace. Some people will choose an intensive approach to completing the course activities and others will opt to do a few hours each week.

Work Load
If you were to dedicate between three and four hours per week to course activities (viewing videos, contributing to discussion forums, completing lessons, and taking quizzes), we estimate that it would take twelve weeks to complete all the course activities.

Similar to an undergraduate university course.


Outcomes of this Course

By participating in this course, you will join a dedicated community of advocates around the world with a shared commitment to fuel change for girls and women. You will have the opportunity to engage with others who share your desire to learn more and to make a meaningful contribution to this powerful movement for gender equality.

This MOOC can be accessed through a smartphone. However, for most viewing, a desktop or tablet computer is recommended. More detailed information is available in the Course Orientation, a short introduction to the course outlining the course structure and goals, as well as answering Frequently Asked Questions.

A MOOC is not the same as other online courses you may have taken. Rather than working with an instructor, you will work closely with your peers to understand the materials presented and increase your knowledge of each investment area.

Once you have logged into the course, begin by reading the "Getting Started" document found in the Resources section.

Are you ready to Deliver for Good


Last updated February 28, 2019