Capacity Building for Non-Governmental Organisations in the Disability Sector - 3

Course Description

Enrolment will be open as from 18 July 2022.


This course is offered by the Global Rainbow Foundation as part of the project ''Enable Mauritius: Leaving No-one Behind, people with disabilities'' which is funded by the European Union. The purpose of this course is to provide people working in the disability sector with knowledge and skills to advocate for and improve the lives of people with disabilities in their own country/region.

Learning is delivered online through the MOOKIT platform. There are five topics; in each topic you will have:

  • an introduction file - read this first for an overview of the topic and what you need to do and 
  • content for that topic - the content is divided into chapters and may be a single document or several documents for you to read, or video lectures for you to watch. You will also be provided with links to additional internet resources. 

There is an online Zoom meeting at the end of each topic to summarise learning and answer any questions. 

Course Contents

Topic 1: Disability Rights Awareness; 

Topic 2: NGO Management; 

Topic 3: Project Management; 

Topic 4: CBR Inclusion Development; 

Topic 5: Policy Advocacy

Target audience

This course is intended for managers and/or staff of non-governmental organisations who work in the disability sector. The course will provide students with knowledge and skills to operate more effectively in their roles.

Outcomes of this Course

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Manage a disability non-government organization effectively
  • Develop, monitor and deliver projects
  • Use case files to advocate effectively for people living with a disability
  • Use a participatory approach for decision-making, for the betterment of people with disability 
  • Use reflective practice and problem-solving to change the lives of people with disability


You will be awarded a Certificate of Participation for completing all the assessments.