AI for Teachers

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Course Description

Teachers of Primary School | Grades 3-5           Approx. 16-20 hours to complete    Flexible schedule (Learn at your own pace)

Course Contents

This MOOC introduces the new world of Artificial Intelligence in a comprehensive, lucid manner. The buzz word these days is AI and this MOOC will introduce learners to key concepts, and an understanding of what Artificial Intelligence is, what it means, what it does or can do, the way we could approach AI to enhance knowledge, attitudes and perceptions about this fascinating world and how best we may leverage it, to serve our teaching/ learning purposes. The course will draw on a variety of real-world examples and activities that we may perform to demonstrate the importance of understanding AI as a long-term strategy for meeting key sustainable development goals within the context of SDG 4 to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all"

Target audience

This course on “AI for Teachers” is crafted for educators working with Primary School | Grades 3-5 and those who are interested in gaining knowledge about Artificial Intelligence, whether you possess a technical background or not. If you are embarking on your AI exploration, this course provides an excellent starting point. It includes various activities and is specifically designed to be accessible without requiring any programming skills.

Outcomes of this Course

After completing the course, you should be able to:

Explain the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Identify examples and non-examples of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Argue reasonably about the use of AI, supported by evidence. 
  • Understand what a dataset is.
  • Understand how to make a machine intelligent.
  • Know what an algorithm is and be able to write your own algorithm.
  • Be able to train a machine to recognize certain images.
  • Understand the concept of algorithmic bias and be able to rationalize the implications of algorithmic bias in some of the things they interact with and learn about what could be done to reduce algorithmic bias.
  • Understand the way to use AI responsibly and ethically.


Upon completion, you will receive recognition through a verified, easily shareable Certificate to highlight the knowledge and skills you’ve gained, by completing all five (5) lessons and corresponding quizzes.